Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So here's the dealio yo. Prom 2010...kinddddd of a big deal, seeing as how I'm a Senior. I'm not really into the whole prom thing. I'm not really into the whole boy thing, actually. I prefer to sail solo. But the majority of my friends are guys, they're just a lot cooler. They don't have drama like girls do. But anyways, I figured I would regret not going, so I am. BUT, there's been a big question about my "date". Well, first of all, I had to find one, which I did. Whew! And second of all, since we're going as friends (and he doesn't go to my school), do I pay for our tickets? Since I'm the one who asked? Or go “dutch”? Or he pays? It was a confusing situation. I still don't know, but he is going to pay for his ticket, and I will pay for mine. We're really good friends, so I figured that would be fine. And...I just rhymed. I love when I rhyme, just a little f.f. (fun fact) about me.

Another thing about me, I get confused/frustrated very, very easily. Anytime a situation is unknown or complicated, I lose it. It's silly, and I'm working on this. It annoys Mom, too.

This was a completely random, rambling post. But I am a completely random, rambling girl.

I hope you have a wonderful remainder of the week (: 22 days until I am 18.

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