Monday, July 12, 2010

What I like:

OK, so my Mom made pretty much the best purchase for me she has ever made: a Kindle! It's my new favorite thing, and I spend hours on it literally every day. Do some research on it, it's pretty nifty. If you love reading, you need one.

VANS. Let me tell ya, Vans are the most amazing shoes ever. I love them. I wear them a lot. And I think everyone needs a pair.

My guitar hasn't been getting much attention from me lately, but when I do pick it up, there's a comfort that it gives me thats unexplainable. Being able to play music, to create whatever I's rad.

Eminem's new CD, Recovery, is very, very good. Actually, I'd say it's his best yet. He's very real, and every track is not-stop heart pounding, bass bumping amazingness. All-in-all it's sickkk.

There's just something about Summer that gives me happiness every morning. It's such a calm season. It's my favorite.

So, I just though it would be cool to share things that I love with you. That's about it. God bless.

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