Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So, I have some really amazing friends. They know what I'm thinking, they always answer my calls, and they can pretty much always hang out. I just really love them, a lot. Like, yesterday I saw that Jack Johnson is coming in concert, and I wake up this morning and see that my best friend wrote on my wall on Facebook saying we need to go to the concert together. How amazing? It's just little things those that make me grateful to have the friends that I have.

As I just mentioned, JACK JOHNSON is coming here in June! Yes! I'm so excited, seriously.

I'm going to be 18 in 15 days (: And in Florida in 17. Life's good.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So here's the dealio yo. Prom 2010...kinddddd of a big deal, seeing as how I'm a Senior. I'm not really into the whole prom thing. I'm not really into the whole boy thing, actually. I prefer to sail solo. But the majority of my friends are guys, they're just a lot cooler. They don't have drama like girls do. But anyways, I figured I would regret not going, so I am. BUT, there's been a big question about my "date". Well, first of all, I had to find one, which I did. Whew! And second of all, since we're going as friends (and he doesn't go to my school), do I pay for our tickets? Since I'm the one who asked? Or go “dutch”? Or he pays? It was a confusing situation. I still don't know, but he is going to pay for his ticket, and I will pay for mine. We're really good friends, so I figured that would be fine. And...I just rhymed. I love when I rhyme, just a little f.f. (fun fact) about me.

Another thing about me, I get confused/frustrated very, very easily. Anytime a situation is unknown or complicated, I lose it. It's silly, and I'm working on this. It annoys Mom, too.

This was a completely random, rambling post. But I am a completely random, rambling girl.

I hope you have a wonderful remainder of the week (: 22 days until I am 18.

Friday, March 5, 2010


First of all people, I have Saturday School tomorrow. Wonderful. Thank youuu snow. Second of all, I don't like school. But, I realized that it's fine if I don't like it. I'm just going to do well, that way I don't ever have to go back. LOL. School is full of drama, and people wanting to "fit in", and those who don't are "whack". Personally, I think that the popularity system is...what's the word? Whack. When did it become so important to be popular? I sure don't know, it was long before my high school. I just don't think it's necessary to talk about people all class period. Yes, I have engaged in gossiping, but people change. So today's post is short. I just wanted to express my feelings about school. I don't like it 99% of all teenagers, and I have to go be with them on a Saturday.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Smile :)

It can't be normal how much of my days at school are consumed by movie quotes, or inside jokes. But I love it. And let me tell ya, The Hangover is the most quoted of all my friends. Our favorite line is "...this is Doug's phone." HILARIOUS. And if you haven't seen it, watch it, right this second. I'm sure my grades are a reflection of my school shenanigans, but I really can't help it. I believe that laughter makes life so very much better. No matter what you are going through, you can forget it for a few minutes while you share a joke. I enjoy making people laugh, too. Friends are important to me, and it just so happens that I make "friend time" during class...oops ;) But seriously, here's a list of movies you need to watch: The Hangover, Mean Girls, Borat, Step Brothers, Blow, and Wedding Crashers. They might be a little bit inappropriate, but trust me, they are very, very funny. And yes, me and my guy friends quote Mean Girls.

This post doesn't really have a point except to tell you guys a fact about me. I love love love love to laugh. This quoting and joking is most likely an immature thing that adults would never do, but hey, I'm still a kid! OH and today I'm very excited, because my 18th birthday is in this month, granted it's the very last day.

And as another side note: Erin Bess, this is me mentioning you in my blog. I told you I would :)